Type: Interactive 1:100 Marketing Model

Client: basebuild

Basebuild was founded in 1991 by Scott Safren and has been operating for well over 30 years. Through the years, the company has provided a wide range of construction services and the brand is respected and well known within the Hunter community. Dairy Farmers represents one of the company’s largest undertakings and upon completion, will be Newcastle’s tallest tower.


PREMIER3D was engaged by the team at basebuild to create a 1:100 Interactive Display Model with IPAD interactive Interface for their Display Suite at Newcastle, NSW The model was to have two IPAD interactive controls that were to illuminate various parts of the model including the Residential, Landscaping and single apartments via the apartment number on the Residential Area of the model.

PREMIER3D was responsible for the full construction, delivery and installation of the project model for the public launch in November 2021 where at launch, 50 million dollar’s worth of contracts were signed (Pre Sales).

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